Wednesday, March 24, 2010

assignment #52

#52 Write the phone call you wish you could have.
Using a black pen, draw a picture of your cell phone. Be very precise and make your phone look as realistic as possible, you can trace the shape of the phone if you want. Please make your drawing by hand, not with a computer. In the window where the caller name appears, write the name of the person who you wish would call you. If you have to, use a fake name. Don't draw anything except the phone, leave the rest of the paper blank. In a separate document, type the conversation you wish you could have with this person. Use dialogue format, for example:

Me: Hello?

Mark Adams: Hi, it's Mark. Mark Adams.

Me: Oh. God. It's you. I think about you every day.


Me: Hello?

Major Judy: Good morning, Jessica! How are you doing?

Me: Good morning Major Judy. I'm doing pretty good, how are you?

Major Judy: I'm doing wonderful. I was just calling to let you know we've received great news! The territorial commander from the Czech Republic called and said they have the perfect spot for you and Kelsey.

Me: (heart pounding and jumping up and down, screaming silently) Wow, that's great!

Major Judy: If you accept this offer, you will leave September 2, 2010.

Me: Okay

Major Judy: What you will be doing is working a children's home in Prague that primarily deals with Gypsies. You will also spend sometime doing a bit of street ministry since there are many children who live on the streets. If you choose to stay another year and show that you are taking up the language, the TC has agreed to give you more options of other positions that you can fill.

Me: That sounds great!

Major Judy: I've talked it over with a couple of people and THQ will help you out with Rosetta Stone.

Me: I want to talk with Kelsey about this, but I think that this sounds like a go! Everything sounds perfect.

Major Judy: Of course, of course! Think about it. Pray about it. Just give me a call within the next two days to let me know your answer and I let Czech know.

Me: Thank you so much, Major Judy!

Major Judy: You are very welcome. Good bye.

Me: Bye!

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