Thursday, July 01, 2010

assignment #70

#70 Say goodbye.
Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. It just feels easier to keep holding on. But in the long run it's usually a good idea to let go, it's the daring thing to do. It allows room for new things, for transformation. And maybe the goodbye isn't even forever, but you can't know until you really say goodbye and mean it. In some cases, goodbye is really the end, and good riddance! For this assignment, say goodbye to all the things you need to let go of: bad habits, dead people, alive people, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, self-destructive feelings and behaviors, jobs, projects, re-occurring thoughts, etc.

Write it as a simple list:
Goodbye Bill.
Goodbye wetting the bed.
Good bye interrupting people when they are talking.

It can be as long or as short as you like. And, most importantly, take a moment with each one to really say goodbye. This isn't a catalogue of your fears and faults, this is a ceremony to bid them farewell.

Goodbye picking at my nails
Goodbye panic attacks
Goodbye idleness
Goodbye control
Goodbye self loathing
Goodbye timidness
Goodbye nervousness and anxiousness
Goodbye excuses
Goodbye walls
Goodbye dwelling and obsessing
Goodbye thinking of life only from my perspective
Goodbye wanting things I don't need
Goodbye messiness
Goodbye Cocorosie
Goodbye internalizing
Goodbye shame
Goodbye procrastination
Goodbye Blake

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