Monday, April 18, 2011

assignment #37

#37 Write down a recent argument.
The next time you have an argument, write down what you and the other person said to each other. Write this in a script form, like:

Me: You said you would do the dishes if I made dinner.

Henry: What? I'm going to do them. I just don't want to do them immediately. Some people like to digest first.


Try to be really accurate, capturing the real words that were used. If there was important movement this can be included in parentheses: (Henry turns on the tv.) The argument need not be long or dramatic, it can be brief and seemingly petty. The most important thing is that it be an accurate record of the exchange. If possible, ask the person you were arguing with to also complete this assignment and submit a separate report. This person can either use the same argument (if they have a different memory of it) or another argument with you or someone else.

Just some back information... For the past seven months, I have been living in the Czech Republic. There is a very clever and funny 17 year old boy that likes to hang out with us. He spent the first few years of his life in England and takes English in school, so needless to say his English is quite good. Just so that you can imagine this correctly, his accent is kind of silly; he stresses the first syllable of most words and sometimes gets the tenses of verbs mixed up- so if you see mistakes in my typing, this is why.

Me: I got bit by a spider last night... twice!

Aleš: Noo! That is impossible. The spiders do not bit here!

Me: Hmm, that's weird because I have two bites on my legs.

Aleš: You do not have two bits on your leg-- and if you do it was NOT by a spider.

Me: I'm pretty sure it's a spider. I'm allergic to spiders; when they bite me, the bite marks get pretty swollen.

Aleš: No, today when we are in the forest you will show me any spider and I will put to my hand and it will not bit me!

Me: Just because you pick up a spider and it doesn't bite you, doesn't mean they don't—

Aleš: Maybe they bit you, because you are a strange girl from America, with really really strange blood.

Me: Oh yeah, that's it. I'm sure that's it.

Aleš: Oh yes, I've got it. When you come here, in your bag, there were these spiders and now you have brought spiders that bit to my country.

Me: Yes. Yes, of course. Strange blood and my fault.

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