Thursday, January 21, 2010

assignment #51

#51 Describe what to do with your body when you die.
Here is your chance to think about and describe what you would like done with your body after you die. Do you want to be buried in a cemetery, cremated and scattered in the ocean, composted beneath an apple tree? If you don't make some decisions now, someone else will make them for you later. Feel free to be creative but try to make sure that what you describe for your final remains will be legal and really possible (not fantasy), so that your friends and family can actually carry out your wishes when the time comes. If there is a particular ceremony or activity that you would like to have accompany your final goodbye, describe that too.

When I die I want my organs to be donated first and then cremate me.
No one should ever wear black when I die, infact wear yellow and smile, for I will be with my maker.
Please, take me dancing under the stars and tell me your favorite memory.
Bring me to where that memory was and grab a handful of ashes.
Let go.
Pass the rest of my ashes to someone else who I loved and who loved me and have them do the same thing.
Repeat as many times as possible, but make sure you leave one handful.
With this handful, I would like to mixed with a willow tree's seeds and planted into the ground where everyone can visit me.
And when you cry, cry into the spot of which I was planted so that you will help me grow.
Come back and see me often.
Bring your children and tell them about the things we laughed at, the things we cried about and the times when we hugged.
And smile.

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