Tuesday, January 26, 2010

assignment #42

#42 list five things that happened in 1994
List five important things in 1984. These are things that had a major impact on you during the year 1984. They can be personal, political, cultural, animal or whatever. Each important event should be summarized in one sentence. (I wasn't born in 1984, so I will do 1994 instead)

1. Jenn (my younger sister) was two years old and she fell and busted her nose while dancing to Barney. She was on a rocking chair and fell into a coffee table.

2. I was in the second grade and I learned how to dye Easter eggs with onion skins. One day my children will learn this too.

3. My best friend was Joyya Hunter. She has a baby now.

4. I turned seven and had a Lion King birthday party.

5. The Hubble telescope reveals conclusive evidence of the existence of black holes, which had been purely theoretical up until this point.

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