Monday, March 01, 2010

assignment #53

#53 Give advice to yourself in the past.
Choose a particular age you have been, perhaps a time when you were particularly lost. Write out a list of practical advice to yourself at that age. Begin the list with this header: "Advice To Michelle Cambell at Sixteen" (only use your name and whatever age you want.) You must specify the age that you are giving yourself advice to!! Be very specific with your advice, for example, don't just say "Hold on to your heart," but instead say "Don't go out with Kevin, he will eventually cheat on you. Go out with Jake instead, he is actually cooler." If you need to use fake names go ahead. It is easy to say that everything happens for a reason, but take this opportunity to redirect yourself towards what you think might have been better. Sure everything turned out ok, but maybe you should have quit that job five years earlier, maybe you should have had children when you were 27, maybe you should have flossed, maybe you should have gone to the alternative high school, or not said that thing to your best friend. Tell yourself what to do in clear, specific language. Do not write an essay, make it in list form.

Advice to Jessie at 12
1. Don't be so sad, people don't like downers and you'll be embarassed by your lack of smiles when you're older.
2. Don't let Keith touch your boob under the table in Social Studies, he will tell your friends and they will never let you live it down.

Advice to Jessie at 15
1. Don't think Jessie is cooler than Joyya and forget that she is your best friend.
2. Don't give that note to Joyya. You will lose your friendship and things will never be the same.

Advice to Jessie at 18
1. Don't smoke so much, doing homework high means you retain zero information.
2. Don't give your heart to Trevor, he will stop talking to you upbruptly and start going out with Merdith.
3. Don't leave college for Binny.

Advice to Jessie at 19
1. Don't lose your virginity to Binny, he's a jerk and will cheat on you.
2. Go to Camp, you will meet Jesus and your husband.

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