Monday, February 07, 2011

Assignment #40

#40 Heal yourself
Describe in writing a non-traditional method you have used to heal yourself. Include diagrams, photographs, or drawings as needed.

"Heat is a wonderful thing"

1.) Get a sock (preferably one that doesn't have a mate) and some rice (measurements vary since sock sizes vary).

2.) Fill the sock with rice.

3.) Knot sock.

The next instructions are used when ailed with: cramps, sore muscles, twisted ankle, messed-up neck from sleeping, etc.

4.) Get your rice-sock.

5.) Place in Microwave and heat (on normal settings). Depending on how hot you want it time can be anywhere from one to two minutes, I would not recommend you putting it in any longer than two minutes.

6.) Apply to sore area.
You can re-use and re-heat as many times as you want. I've had my rice sock for a few years now; the rice doesn't get old or unusable.


  1. My wife does this often, although she bought her "sock."

  2. How creative!