Friday, February 18, 2011

assignment #64

#64 Teach us an exercise.
Teach us an exercise that you do regularly which yields results. Lead us through it, step by step, using a series of photographs, with captions below them. Test it out on a friend to make sure the instructions are accurate. Let us know what time during the day you do it, how many times a week, and how many repetitions. Tell us what the benefits of this exercise are (calming, tones ass, etc.) Let us know if this exercise is related to something you have done, or currently do (ballet, high school basketball warm-up, ashtanga yoga, self-invented, etc.) We are looking for unique exercises that you swear by and are longing to share with the world - exercises done regularly, almost religiously, not just one-time deals.

Find an open area.

Bring arms up and stand with your feet sholder length apart. Bend down and hold arms.And stand back up.Repeat at least 24 times, every night and see a change in your legs and abs (but only if you do more than 25 more than twice day every day-results take effort!).

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